The Studio Artists

Wolfe Studio has been home to many Mississippi artists and artisans over the years.  Current Wolfe workers are listed at the top of the page, while a list of previous Wolfe members is at the bottom.  Links to personal sites are given where possible, so please feel free to click through and complete your picture of the extended Wolfe family.

Linda Bartling

Time at Wolfe: 1990 - Present

Media: Paper, Ink

Wendy Eddleman

Time at Wolfe: 2000 - 2021

Media: Glass, Oil, Clay, Mixed Media

Ruth Bell

Time at Wolfe: 2006 - Present

Media: Ceramic

Ed Lowther

Time at Wolfe: 2007 - Present

Media: Oil


Sarah Grafton

Time at Wolfe: 2007 - Present

Media: Oil Pastel, Watercolor

Katey Carter

Time at Wolfe: 2007 - Present

Media: Watercolor, Ink, Oil, Charcoal

Aemi Baggett Self

Time at Wolfe: 2012 - 2016;  2018 - present

Media: Oil, Wood, Ink, Mixed Media, Computer Graphics

Paul Fayard

Time at Wolfe: 2013 - 2022

Kira Cummings

Time at Wolfe: 2014 - 2022
Media: Wire, Oil, Pyrography, Mixed Media

Laura Stoufer

Time at Wolfe: 2015 - 2021
Media: Ink, Graphite, Acrylic, Metal

Lesley Collins

Time at Wolfe: 2016 - Present

Media: Found Object, Sculpture, Mixed Media


Not Pictured:

Sarah (Baggett) Stricklin
Time at Wolfe: 2010 - 2017, 2020 - Present
Media: Oil, Mixed Media, Computer Graphics

Tim Bradshaw
Anna Hall
Sarah Teasley
Emily Longo

Previous Members of the Wolfe Crew

Ron Lindsay

Years at Wolfe: 1970's - 1980's
Media: Oil, Metal, Clay, Mixed Media
Ron is a professional artist in multiple media.

Linda Burwell

Laura Pennybaker

Julie Collier

Comfort Quiah 

Sybil Armstrong

Mary Green

Melinda Kunz

Lucie Cooper

KC Williams
Years at Wolfe: 2005 - 2013
Media: Mixed Media Painting
John Ayom

Years at Wolfe: 2006 - 2008
Media: Clay, Wax
John is currently an electrical engineer in Texas.

Joy Garretson

Years at Wolfe: 2006 - 2007
Media: Vocal and Instrumental Musician, Oil Paint, Jewelery
Joy has moved to North Carolina and is a member of the band The Delicate Cycle.

daniel johnson
Years at Wolfe: 2007 - 2013
Media: Mixed Media Painting and Sculpture, Oil, Performance Art
daniel is now busy with various art endeavors.

Bexx Hale
Years at Wolfe: 2010 - 2012
Media: Mixed Media Sculpture, Wire
Bexx is getting her Bachelors in Horticultural Sciences.

Patti Henson
Years at Wolfe: 2009 - 2011
Media: Woodblock Print
Patti is a professional artist.

Janice Fulton
Years at Wolfe: 2011 - 2012
Media: Clay
Janice runs a clay tile business in the Jackson area.

Michele Husbands
Years at Wolfe: 2013 - 2020
Media: Film, Computer Graphics
Michele has moved to New Orleans.

Ariss King
Years at Wolfe: 2015 - 2021
Media: Graphic Design and Social Media
Ariss is a consultant and artist in Ridgeland

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