The Artists of Wolfe
Bebe Wolfe

     The preeminent artist at Wolfe Studio is, of course, Bebe Wolfe, whose life has been entwined with fine arts since its beginning.  Bebe works in a range of media and styles, but specializes in oils of people and landscapes.  In addition to her managerial roles at Wolfe, it is Bebe who creates the vast majority of the Wolfe Bird forms for the studio.

     Read more about Bebe's personal work and view a gallery here.
 The Studio Artists
Wolfe Studio employs a diverse group of local artists. 
The current artists of Wolfe Studio are:

Linda Bartling
Ruth Bell
Ed Lowther
Sarah Grafton
Katey Carter
Aemi Baggett
Lesley Collins 
Tim Bradshaw
Sarah Baggett
Anna Hall
Robin Henderson
Sarah Teasley
and Emily Longo

See the Studio Artists page for more detailed information about these talented individuals as well as past artists and artisans at Wolfe.
The Architects and Builders

     Three of Wolfe's most vital workers, though not technically involved in the ceramic production, have been essential to keep the studio running, growing, and thriving.  These are Bebe's husband David Weidemann,, the carpenter, Bo Runnels, who have designed and constructed many of Wolfe Studio's buildings and workspaces, and Preston McClenty who keeps up the landscaping and has helped in all areas.  Bo Runnels has retired and daniel johnson is doing the maintenence work.  In addition to his engineering and building work, David also performs many managerial and financial roles for the studio.

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